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Mixed Media installation



At Forte Marghera, I worked on the theme of Confession, Guilt, Punishment and Lies. I based my work on an incomplete novel of C.Brockden Brown, an 18th century pre-romantic writer, that revolved around supernatural powers and confession, and luciferine methods of mind control. within the landscape of the fort, i wanted to stage an ideal film adaptation of the novel, and the installation was to be a conceptual indicator of this possible film. Four pilons, found on site, and painted white, serve as a reference to radio waves and mind control, while a series of white chairs located inside some old concrete storage rooms referenced confession.Exhibited from the 13th to the 23rd of May 2011.








1) View of the first part of the installation: Mind Reading apparatuses.

2) Looking into the vault where the second part of the installation was: the Confession Room.

3) The Confession Room.


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