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Digital scans on di-bond aluminum. dimensions variable.



The artworks consist of a series of photographic artworks produced through a digital scanner. This particular tool allowed to create composite assemblages of scrap material, arranged horizontally on the scanner glass. Different materials and textures form heterogeneous organisms, made from wrapping paper, cellophane, rags and cloth, elastic bands, plastic and string, among other things. A sort of zoological catalogue of things that speak a language of rustled, crumpled paper and cloth, of a meaning and a direction that is unknown. These images convey a sense of either implosion or explosion of the elements that form these indefinite life-forms, that resemble organs, microscopic organisms, bacteria, underwater creatures or visions. Rather than imitating pre-existing forms, these mysterious elements are in a constant process of generating themselves into something new, always indefinite, complete and incomplete at the same time. Floating in a vague three-dimensional space or in darkness, they can either live in abstraction or in real life, at a microscopic or macroscopic level. They might be clots of formations of thought or dream, or growths and mutations within a physical body. They are long gone in physical reality; the scrap material that gathered to give them shape thrown away and dissolved in the world, testament to extinct thoughts and living forms.

1) Composite#2  2) Composite#4  3) Composite#8


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