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Ink on paper 31cm x 38.5 cm (framed)



In the following series of drawings I simplified the cityscape, and essentialized it. The first series are small miniatures, morsels of city, basically, where cuts, openings and variations in density provide an unwritten narrative to space. They are a free and unconstrained play on urban texture, and the architecture is still undifferentiated.the cityscapes are referring to the preexisting architecture of private and public buildings around Melbourne. The EMBLEMATA series as the title indicates, are more like emblems than city views, and try to allegorize the presence of city, and reduce it to a set of typologies in which meaning is inscribed. It is a contained, miniature fragment of landscape. There is no focal point and no horizon, so that the perspective lines tend to be vertical and horizontal, rather than diagonal. The whole cityscape tends towards a map, but unlike a map, there is no democraticization of space, here the buildings all tend towards overcoming each other.Six drawings from the series were exhibited at Fort Delta Gallery, in Melbourne, from the 16th of May to the 6th of June 2013.


1) Emblemata#1 / #2. 2) Emblemata#3 / #4. 3) Emblemata#5 / #6.


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