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Wool string yarns.



The wool threads indicate the waning element of identity of Şile, cloth. The relationship between the cloth and the sea was very strong, as the sea provides the opportunity for trade, transport, and maybe even inspiration for its patterns and designs, or a similarity in the waves coming in and the repetitive movements at the spinning wheel. The act of weaving is commonly enacted by both men and women alike; the first by reparing their fishing nets, the seconds by woving the cloth. In a radically changed context, It seems fitting to create a flow of string that never manages to reach the sea, as the relantionship between cloth an sea is also disappearing. The flow is also made invisible by the trees and bushes that cover it from sight; only standing at it’s summit or at it’s base can the flow and direction be figured out. It is also fitting that such a link be hidden, emerging from the vegetation in certain points, and eventually be covered in the creeping vines.





1) The threads running down the hill on which Şile is perched.

2) Several gruelling hikes up & down the hill were required, clearing weeds and securing the string.

3) Looking downward halfway up the slope, towards the empty lot where the threads end.


2      3

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