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Twenty packs of A4 white paper2x4,50m.



Paper Nymphs was thought as a response to the theme given from Thinking In Water, an Exhibition organized in the Italian Museum of Melbourne. The artwork presents itself as waves of paper, the material of written correspondence between the migrant and the people he leaves behind; In this specific case, the italian migrant that left in the first half of the 20th century for Australia traversed the oceans by ship, and sent news of himself and his new surroundings back by letter. The waves of paper indicate the presence of the ocean, it’s waves threading through continents, and the waves of letter sent through the years back and forth; between the innumerable folds, lies paper crunched and creased; the materiality of the receiver’s hands that touch again and again the letter, that is slowly consumed and smeared. instances of humanity in the wide, indistinguashable ocean, be it of water or paper.


1) Setting up the trails of paper, in the hallway of the Italian Museum were the artwork was located.

2,3) details of the artwork.


Image credits Federica Roselli


2      3

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