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Mixed artform group show, curated with Elena Mencarelli.


Welcome Home revolves around the theme of real estate inspections as a premise for reflection and production of art in a wide variety of forms. Entering in a dwelling that’s up for rent and is inspectionable is the necessary premise to what will be developed later; art that has been thought of and built from the possibilities and restrictions of these particular spaces. Our point is to experience these houses-in-search-of-an-owner as art space that already instigates a strong potential for imagination since a space we might want, and hope, to call home will make us want to “screen test” our life, our habits and tastes onto it to see if it can fit into our expectations. The scope of this project is to tap into the creative power these spaces have, and to utilize the time we can get during inspection to reflect as artists, not merely as visitors, on the rooms and corridors we are roaming through, and use the limitations on time and space to produce something, which may be thought, made, performed, captured, and even left, in the space itself, or to develop something afterwards starting from the impressions you had visiting the property. The project involved artists from Australia and Italy, and the results of both has been exhibited at Spazio Nour in Milan, on the 21-24rd November 2014.



1) Detail of Home Sweet Home, by Silvia Lalla. 2) A place for everything and everything in it’s place,by Giordano Biondi. 3) Detail of Ideogramma, by Michele Santi.








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