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Prints from digital screenshots.

OFF WHITE consists of a series of digitally composed images that reflects upon the nature of visual backgrounds in skype video chats, and was produced in the context of SKYPELAB: TRANSCONTINENTAL FACES, an international project that linked artists from Australia, Germany and China around the theme of video communication and its aesthetic ramifications in contemporary art practice.Background here becomes the sole element of reflection and elaboration while the usually privileged elements of our attention, sound and faces, have been excluded. In the context of Skype video chat, the space behind the person we are talking to is usually a flat, featureless surface that has little information about the person's environment. Because of pixelation, glitches in the internet connection, and bad lighting, we can only half guess what surrounds the individual we are speaking to through a screen. Every image from OFF WHITE is titled after the time the screenshot of the Skype chat was taken, and each one presents a particular tone of colour, from grey to green to blue, that belongs to and expresses the light conditions of the time the shot was taken. This work doesn't strictly develop from conversation and interaction with another person, but rather negates the other to let a lonely, rarefied landscape come into view.


1) 1:04 AM 2) 00:53 AM 3) 00:59 AM


2     3

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