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(n12) inkjet digital prints, A4,A5.



The more we desire to gaze upon a natural landscape that is uncontaminated by others, we more we enact a fragmented gaze; our landscape is a collage of solitary and untainted places that want to form a unitary vision of nature as we would like it to be, namely, the opposite of the city or urbanized environment most of us now grow into. What are these untainted fragments like? they are a mixture of memory and culture, that is, the places we remember as natural, and the places we think should look natural according to cultural instances, like pictures of pristine landscapes, that belong either to art or to commercial imagery. NATURALIA is the depiction of fragmentation in nature according to a human beholder, and is a collection of different depictionsof it into twelve illusionistic grand views of landscape. The sources of these collages are mainly 17th, 18th and 19th century bird-eye’s views of villas, palaces, manors and estates nestled among a wilder, untamed landscape. The fragments of the original landscapes were recomposed into new, "purified" views, that expelled human-made objects and constructions, leaving nature as a repetitive, tapestry-like texture, a repetition of memory, stylistic conventions of nature, and longing.


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